Founded in 1973, CATHAY COATING has been a pioneering company in the development of high polymer coatings and construction chemicals serving architectural and industrial fields. Its state-of-the-art coating laboratory undertakes comprehensive coating analysis and testing by JIS/ASTM/ISO standards, and is an accredited laboratory certified by the national TAF accreditation.

We dedicate our effort to excel in high performance coatings, meeting aesthetic, protective and functional needs. Our product application encompasses architectural wall, flooring, waterproofing, structural reinforcement, protective anti-corrosion and fireproofing, to industrial application such as conductive coating, insulation coating, and functional surface coatings and ink. Milestone project achievements include Taipei 101 Building, Taipei Airport, Singapore Airport, Singapore/Hong Kong MRT subway stations, Malaysia Government Capital, Korea Parliament Building, China Jinwan Plaza Skyscraper, etc. commercial and infrastructural constructions.

We commit our services in providing up-to-date chemical solution to meeting modern project and industrial needs, and we offer professional field support in specification design and application guide on coating system addressing to various surficial and environmental conditions.

While we keep abreast with the modern chemistry technology advancement, we believe that the new era coating innovation shall continue to progress towards more environmentally friendly, multi-functional, high performance and high durability, serving in all aspects in modern society life.

ISO 9001 Certified/CNS National Standard Certified/Green Building Material